SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The battle over bike lanes in Hillcrest came to an end on Friday after a SANDAG committee voted on a proposal that would have added more bike lanes in the busy neighborhood. 

SANDAG voted to move forward with the project, but it was not exactly what bicyclists were hoping for because there will not be a dedicated bike lane for nine blocks along University Avenue.

During the meeting, Bill Walton said, "I'm asking you to keep me alive. Our entire world is focused on cars, and we need your help."

Bill, along with other bicyclists rode in hoping to get some power behind their two wheels.

Members of the transportation committee agreed something needs to be done to keep bicyclists safe.

"I think the bicyclist and the car need to be separated as much as you. They don't share well," said Supervisor Bill Horn.

The committee voted to approve a scaled down version of the Uptown Bike Corridor Project, and abandoned the previous plan to close a block-long portion of University Avenue and construct a dedicated bike lane leading into Hillcrest.

"I feel like most of the comments went in deaf ears. At some point I don't want to be interviewed because I got hit by a car. I think bike lanes promote safety," said Joel Flood, who was not happy about the decision.

Todd Gloria said the project is about transportation and not about recreation. He said they were able to get at least 70-percent of the original proposal approved.

"With the proposal that was endorsed today, you are going to see minor loss of parking, but I don't think you're going to see businesses close as a result of it," said City Council Member Todd Gloria.

The approved project is a $40 million project which aims to improve San Diego.

Gloria believes once people see the project come together, they will like what they see.