SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A new immigration policy went into effect earlier this week and it is already undergoing changes, many of them controversial.

The Migrant Protection Protocols initially called for single men to await their asylum hearings in Mexico. Senior Homeland Security officials tell News 8 the program will soon expand to migrant families.

Enrique Morones is head of Border Angels, which works with shelters in Tijuana and spoke to Mexican officials about the policy. He said, “this is one thing they said they would not do. They would not accept people returning to Mexico because it is against international law.”

One Homeland Security official told News 8 that Mexican authorities are on board with the plan and video shows Groupo Beta - a unit of Mexico’s Institute of Migration – escorting returned Central Americans.

However, Mexican officials tell the Associated Press they will not accept the return of children, possible complicating Homeland Security’s plans.

Initially the plan only applied to San Ysidro, yet the same DHS officials say it will soon expand across the entire southern border. 

Migrants would receive a list of free legal advisors and a court date to re-appear at the port of entry. 

Homeland Security is still metering the number of asylum seekers processed each day. 

Some migrants still waiting their turn say they are nervous about the new process.