SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A successful proposal, during a romantic sunset hot air balloon ride ended with an unforgettable start to the couple's new life together, as their balloon made an unexpected landing in the surfline at Cardiff Reef.

Lifeguards say Eric Barretto had just popped the question, when shifting winds blew the balloon off course and over the ocean.

It was a dangerous situation - especially for the bride-to-be. She apparently had no swimming experience.

The balloon continued to bounce in the surf, but with lifeguards in place, the two passengers finally jumped to safety.

“The two passengers bailed out of basket, went into the water, that's where lifeguards grabbed them with rescue boards,” said Captain Larry Giles with the Encinitas Marine Safety Department.

The owner of Panda Air Bear Hot Air Balloon Flights, Tim Chico, told CBS News 8 that he had no comment on the incident.

The FAA tells CBS News 8 that three inspectors are looking into the incident. They will try to speak with the pilot and passengers and examine the aircraft this week.

No injuries were reported and Barretto's girlfriend said yes.