SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - There's no way any of us would choose to sit inside a car with the temperature rising to 110-degrees inside.

On Thursday, one local man sat inside a car with high temperatures to show just how dangerous it is for pets to be left inside hot cars.

It's the 16th Summer John Van Zante of the Rancho Coastal Humane society stayed inside a vehicle until the temperature inside hit close to 120-degrees, a dangerous level for both pets, and people.

Van Zante said there is no excuse for risking lives.

"People always say, oh well I left the windows cracked. We have done that in the heat demonstration in the past it makes the difference of about 5 degrees. If it's 140-degrees in the car, big deal you made it 135-degrees. Whoop-dee-do! You're still going to lose your dog," he said. 

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs include panting, irregular heartbeat and disorientation.