SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The intense heat wave hitting San Diego is putting a strain on the region's power grid. 

On Wednesday night, thousands of SDG&E customers lost power, and on Thursday, many more also lost power. 

SDG&E officials are calling for everybody to conserve as the heat will continue throughout the region. 

"It is hot outside and unfortunately we did see a few power outages yesterday that impacted our customers. Some of that was heat related," said Erin Coller with SDG&E. 

Coller said the heat and people using air conditioning is making it really tough on the grid. 

"On days like yesterday and today when we're expecting high load on our system. We do take precautionary measures and pre-stage our crews to make sure we're ready in case there is an outage. We know our customers don't want their power out for very long, and we don't want that either, so our crews are ready to respond," said Coller. 

According to the SDG&E website, several outages occurred Thursday, but they were not because they did not have the power. It was because of the strain on the system. 

"We have adequate resources, meaning, we have enough power to serve our customers today. Sometimes there are outages that can be caused by that strain on the grid. That's part of the reason we're asking our customers to help conserve energy where they can," said Coller. 

To help, at home you can unplug power strips, keep lights off, and hold off on using appliances between 11 a.m., and 6 p.m., especially big ones like dish washers and washers and dryers. 

"In some cases you can try using portable or ceiling fan instead of electricity. Health permitting. If that's not possible and you need to use your AC, we suggest turning your thermostat up a few degrees. That will really help you save energy," said Coller. 

SDG&E said they will do their part, and hope the public will do their part.