SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Just how safe are cyclists on San Diego streets?

The month of May is "National Ride Your Bike to Work" month, but there are concerns about how safe our streets are for cyclists.

In this "Your Stories" report, Jeff Zevely looked into the concerns of one cyclist who rides a dangerous bike path near State Route 56 in Carmel Valley.

Cyclist Dan Valentine tells News 8, he was within five minutes of being hit head on while riding on the bike path that runs parallel to SR-56.

State Route 56 runs parallel to the bike path and this isn't the first time a vehicle came barreling through the fence.

Two years ago, Nick Venuto was killed while riding the same path. The 40-year-old father was killed by an out of control SUV that blew threw the same freeway fence.

Mark McCullough, with San Diego police says since 2011, 15 bicyclists have died on city streets and in most cases the cyclists were at fault.

"I can't tell you how many bicyclists say I do everything correctly and they get on their bike and run right through our stop sign," he said.

McCullough says most bicyclists follow the laws and thanks to Mayor Bob Filner, who is cycling advocate, San Diego is becoming more bike friendly.

Drivers are reminded to share the roads by giving cyclists a little extra room. Cyclists are urged to take bike safety courses that teach you how to ride safely around cars.

As for the bike path along the SR-56 -- Dan Valentine thinks Caltrans needs to fortify the fence with a guard rail.

Caltrans couldn't comment on the issue due to pending litigation from the fatal crash two years ago.