SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — There's been a fairytale ending to a story News 8 reported on last month. 

A Humpty Dumpty-themed art piece stolen from the San Diego County Fair on June 23 has been recovered.  

And while it didn't "take a big fall," it did take a big trip to the swap meet. 

That's where a good Samaritan recognized the bronze sculpture and bought it. 

The piece was re-united with artist Paul Lotz on Wednesday at a local art gallery. 

Lotz says he's happy humpty is home. 

"It renewed my faith in people, that it was returned," he said. "Whoever did take it - I don't know - but still shame on you, but he came back. So I'm happy." 

Lotz says he spent months creating the piece and estimates it's worth thousands.