SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local non-profit is creating a lot of smiles. The organization provides beautiful cakes and treats for children who are critically ill.

Icing Smiles Inc. is a fast-growing charity of bakers, donors and volunteers who want to create beautiful memories for children suffering from terrible illnesses and their beleaguered families.

Chef Charity, from d'Zrt Cake Studio in La Mesa, is a sugar angel with Icing Smiles, Inc. She says she knows it is hard not to smile around a great cake.

The organization exists to serve families with children with critical illnesses, and has grown so much that iced masterpieces have been delivered to more than 3,000 children to date. The numbers indicate that Icing Smiles is something many people see a need for as well.

To request a cake, or to become a volunteer baker, go to