The New Year brings a new chance for thieves to swipe your identity and as everyone prepares for tax season, criminals are getting ready to make their move.

Identity thieves can get your sensitive information by grabbing tax documents out of the mailbox. But there are ways to protect yourself, which include using a locking mailbox or having your mail delivered to a post office box. Also, make sure you push mail all the way through the opening into a curbside box.

News 8 spoke with one expert that says people should drop off their mail during the daytime.

"Please oh please, drop them during the day time. So they get picked up before the last pickup of the day, that way they aren't sitting there overnight in a nice blue mailbox sitting in front of a post office with a big sign that says steal me on the side," said Jay Foley with the Identity Theft Resource Center.

The mail box isn't the only place thieves can strike. Computer programs that many use to download music or movies can provide access to tax documents stored on your computer.

Foley also adds that Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced legislation in an effort to cut down on identity theft. The legislation would remove the requirement for social security numbers to be listed on certain forms and documents.