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Conditions at U.S.-Mexico border deteriorate

An 8-month-old baby in distress taken away with mother by border patrol agents Tuesday.

SAN DIEGO — An infant and her mother were taken away by US Customs and Border Protection Tuesday morning after the mother reported the baby had stopped eating.

The situation unfolded around 11:30 a.m. between the two border fences near Dairy Mart Road and Monument Road.

"The mom came up to me and let me know the baby had stopped feeding and she had just vomited," said Pedro Rios of the American Friends Service Committee. "[The baby] looked dehydrated and listless, she wasn't moving too much. She was kind of whimpering and crying a little bit."

Rios said the mother and child are from Afghanistan. Rios alerted border patrol agents. CBS 8 observed several agents surrounding the mother and child. The mother was crying. The agents put them into a vehicle and drove away. Rios said he thinks they were taken to a local hospital.

Hundreds of people gathered at the fence Tuesday morning, including several families with young children. You could hear babies crying. There are trash bags tied to the fence being used as shelter from the sun. Some people are tying trash bags to sticks to use as shelter.

Benjamin Prado, Program Coordinator for the US-Mexico Border Program, joined Rios in handing out supplies.

Prado said they're working with border patrol agents to hand out supplies in an orderly fashion.

San Diego Fire Rescue trucks were on hand nearby as a precaution. 

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