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Chula Vista Police release new information in the case of missing mother, Maya Millete

In the update, the department details some specific actions they have followed up on in the case as it nears four months since she was last seen.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — On Tuesday, Chula Vista Police released their bi-weekly update on the search for missing mother, Maya Millete.

The department assured the community that law enforcement officers working the case remain as dedicated now as they were on the first day of the missing person report.

In April, Chula Vista Police Department announced the partnership of a multi-agency group including the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, FBI, NCIS. The department says the primary goal is, “bringing May home to her family or bringing justice to May’s family regarding her disappearance. This law enforcement partnership continues to work closely together and is in constant communication regarding Maya’s disappearance.”

Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy released a statement on the investigation which read, “I recognize the pain and concern May’s disappearance has brought to her family, friends and the community and I am grateful for the outpouring of support May’s family has received during this difficult time. Our investigators along with the multi-agency working group are dedicated to finding May or bringing Justice to May’s family. 

We understand the frustration over limited public information about this case. We will not share any information publicly about this case that can in any way hinder or jeopardize the successful investigation and potential prosecution of anyone involved in her disappearance. Recently, we have begun working with the Cold Case Foundation to provide advocacy to May’s family in conjunction with our investigation. Josephine Wentzel is now assigned by the Cold Case Foundation to this investigation. 

We continue to keep May, and her family in our thoughts every day and pray for her safe return. I want to thank those that have reached out with information and tips to our detectives. Cases like this can hinge on the smallest piece of information which may lead to a break in the investigation.” 

According to the release, “detectives from CVPD have continuously investigated May’s disappearance. Detectives also continue to share leads and evidence regarding May’s disappearance with the multi-agency working group. The investigators have conducted numerous search warrants on physical locations, digital evidence and social media content as well as conducted interviews of witnesses to generate new leads and obtain evidence.”

The investigative steps and efforts to date that were given by the department are below.

  • Interviews with 56 individuals to include family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses
  • Written 23 search warrants to include residences, vehicles, cellular and electronic devices, call detail records, financial records, social media and cloud data. One of these warrants was for May’s home, which was searched on 01/23/2021. Another search warrant was served at a Millete relatives’ home on 04/01/2021.
  • Reviewed over 55 tips on May’s possible location and reason for disappearance. These tips have come from the local community and from around the country. Most recent tips have also included possible sightings of May in other states to include Wisconsin and New Mexico.

On Tuesday, Millete’s family and members of the Chula Vista community held a rally in front of Chula Vista Police Department as well as spoke in front of the Chula Vista City Council to try and keep the case in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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