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Diving into San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria's selection to redevelop the city's sports arena

Gloria selected Midway Rising, a proposal from Zephyr Partners, Chelsea Investments, and Legends International

Dorian Hargrove, Kelly Hessedal, Brian White, David Gotfredson

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Published: 4:49 PM PDT September 9, 2022
Updated: 5:19 PM PDT September 9, 2022

It is one of San Diego's largest redevelopment projects in its history, that after two-and-a-half years is inching closer to reality.

The 48.5 acres that currently house San Diego's sports arena will be getting a massive overhaul, changing far-reaching changes to not only the city-owned parcel but to San Diego's Midway District and the communities that surround it.

Credit: Tim Blodgett

On August 22, 2022, after whittling a group of applicants to redevelop the land down to three finalists, Mayor Todd Gloria announced his top pick to redevelop the land. 

The team of three developers and its Midway Rising project would tear down the aging and crumbling Pechanga Sports Arena and rip up the acres of asphalt surrounding it to make room for 4,250 apartments - 2,000 of which designated as affordable, a new arena, and thousands of square feet of retail and commercial space, a hotel, and nearly two dozen acres of parkland.

Gloria's announcement arrived more than a year after state officials struck down former mayor Kevin Faulconer's plan to lease the land to Brookfield Properties so that they could build a new arena and 2,100 apartments on city land. The plan, deemed state officials, ran afoul of California Surplus Land Act's affordable housing requirements. 

The fate of the development was placed in Gloria's control. 

Last month, after a year of reviewing the five applicants, Gloria made his selection.

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