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The search for answers: Maya Millete’s family meets with Chula Vista police in private meeting

“We have confidence with the investigation now that we had this meeting,” said Maya's sister Maricris Drouaillet.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — For Maya Millette's sister and brother-in-law, the search for answers into her disappearance led them to Chula Vista police headquarters Tuesday. They spent around two hours inside and call it time well spent.

“It went great,” said Maricris Drouaillet. “We feel relieved. We are very happy. It was a productive meeting.”

Maricris and her husband, Richard, still don't know what happened to Maya, but they left police headquarters with a renewed sense of hope that - for detectives - finding the missing mother of three is a top priority. 

“We have confidence with the investigation now that we had this meeting,” she said.

Maya disappeared from her Chula Vista home in January without a trace. Maricris helped organize multiple searches across the county, but so far there is still no sign of the missing 40-year-old.

Feeling isolated from police, Maya's family recently connected with former Oceanside Detective Chris McDonough, who now works for the nonprofit Cold Case Foundation. He helped build the bridge that led to Tuesday's meeting and Maricris said his expertise has been invaluable. 

“There are certain questions that are not answered from Chula Vista and he explains it,” she said. “Why they can't answer that now... and here's the reason why.”

Maya's family said some things said Tuesday need to remain confidential, but added that police did share with them more information about recent search warrants served on the Millette's home. That’s where police confiscated weapons belonging to Maya's husband, Larry.

Maricris said police also agreed to be more open with their communication, leaving them with hope that they are closer to finding Maya. Their message to the community - they're not giving up and they hope you won't either. 

“Please, please still help us… to support us,” Maricris said. “We'll find Maya. We'll bring her home.”

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