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Search warrants released in alleged rape at off-campus SDSU party

While no criminal charges have been filed, a civil lawsuit against star punter Matt Araiza and two other players is moving forward.

SAN DIEGO — Ten search warrants have been released more than two months after San Diego County's District Attorney announced that she would not be filing charges in the case of an alleged rape of a 17-year-old by three SDSU football players, including star punter Matt Araiza, stating at the time that "evidence does not support the filing of criminal charges."

These newly unsealed search warrants show that the then-17-year-old went to authorities two days after she alleges she was raped while attending an off-campus party at SDSU on the night of October 16, 2021.

The 17-year-old, identified in the court documents as 'Doe,' told police originally that she believed she was sexually assaulted by a man named "Danny," claiming "Danny walked Doe into a room where approximately four to eight males were inside."

She said that she was sexually attacked by "at least three males" which she believed was videotaped, adding that she "was in and out of consciousness at this point and her memory was hazy."

At a follow-up interview with investigators more than a week later, 'Doe' then told investigators that who she originally believed was "Danny" was actually "Matt," claiming that she "did not remember if Matt participated in anything because she was facing away from him."

The search warrants also reveal the results of a sexual assault exam conducted on Doe, including extensive bruising.

A doctor found the report "does not confirm nor refute the claims made by Doe."

DNA tests from the 'Doe's' sexual assault exam and clothing indicated multiple men had sex with her, but the samples could not identify them because "the results lack sufficient information."

The warrants also reveal a phone conversation that 'Doe' said she had with Matt Araiza in the days following the party, saying "she remembered showing up at the party but everything afterwards was a blur," and asked "if Matt could tell her what happened at the party."

According to Matt, they "went to the side of the house and hooked up."

The court documents go on to say that, "Matt stated he was outside for the remainder of the party and did not go inside," adding that "Matt did not see her again".

Araiza was cut from the Buffalo Bills when 'Doe' came forward with her allegations. 

While no criminal charges have been filed, a civil lawsuit by 'Doe' against Araiza and the two other players is moving forward, with a trial expected to get underway later this fall.

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