A street that was repaired last year has left some Bay Park residents upset. They say dozens of potholes have since formed and they want answers.  

Milton Street is a three-block stretch filled with bumps and holes that News 8 cameras caught many drivers trying to avoid.  

Michael Bulick gets around the area in a golf cart, often with his dog Jax. He took News 8 on a ride to show us how he deals with off-road conditions. 

It’s obvious that people in the area are frustrated – especially since the road was re-paved just last year.  

So, how did this situation happen?   

Turns out, the contractor the city hired says there was an issue with the mix they used. 

News 8 reached out to G. Scott Asphalt - the company responsible. 

A spokesperson said in part: 

"Milton street should have been overlaid not slurry sealed.... We hope to come to an agreement with the City on the mix design soon.”  

Milton Street is reportedly just one area where this mistake was made. 

In total, at least eight of their recent paving jobs failed. 

The others include: Third and Sixth avenues Downtown; Rosecrans Street in Point Loma, Comstock Street in Linda Vista; Kearny Villa Road in Kearny Mesa; Carmel Valley Road in Carmel Valley; and College Avenue in Southeastern San Diego. 

The company has agreed to re-do those jobs, but many are asking when that will happen.   

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