SAN DIEGO — It is an issue that is on the rise all over the country. People running red lights and stop signs. Recently a News 8 viewer contacted us to tell us about an intersection by her house.

Cori Brown sees cars running stop signs and fears someone's about to get seriously hurt in her Black Mountain Ranch neighborhood. “People do not stop at stop signs and in some cases stop lights,” Brown says. “They just fly right through them without batting an eyelash.”

Concerning her even more, it's happening right across the street from Design39Campus, a K-8 school filled with young children. “There are kids flying off curbs on skateboards and if drivers aren't aware, somebody is going to be very seriously hurt.”

There is also a lot of senior housing in the area -  with residents who don't move quickly. Cori tries to be a one-woman traffic enforcer for the worst of the worst. One car earlier this week definitely stands out. “Didn't even slow down,” Brown said shaking her head in disbelief. She yelled at the driver, “That was a stop sign!” Brown paused for a moment as she recalled the story, then added, “I suppose I'm going to get shot for bringing it to someone's attention.”

Brown contacted News 8 through our Your Stories email. Within minutes of hanging out in the area, we spotted several cars rolling through stop signs. Unfortunately, we see this kind of thing all over the county and we're not alone. “I think it's a problem everywhere,” said Jessica Ball. “We just moved from Seattle and the same thing happens up there.” Jessica has 2 young children and has a simple message for all drivers. “Be safe, please. A lot of us have little ones in the car. We just don't want to see anyone get hurt. We understand you're in a hurry, but it's not worth it if someone gets hurt.”

Cori says she's talked to the San Diego police department about the problem, but they told her they didn't have enough officers in the area to run any type of special enforcement. We also contacted SDPD asking if we could speak with someone in the traffic division about that area. More than 24 hours after our email request, we still had no response from anyone in that department.

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