SAN DIEGO — Finding parking in many San Diego neighborhoods can be challenging, but what if you could not find a parking spot because of abandoned cars?

An Otay Ranch man told News 8 that is what is happening in his neighborhood and he is fed up.

Francisco Castiruita said his neighborhood near Santa Victoria and Calle Avila has become a dumping ground for abandoned cars. According to Castiruita, it is clear some of the cars have not been moved in months. Some of the cars even have cobwebs on them – making it clear some of them have been there for a very long time.

“There are cars with flat tires. The few spots available are taken by abandoned vehicles that have been here four to five months or more,” he said.

According to Castiruita, residents often have to park far away and then walk just to get home. He said neighbors have tried reaching out to car owners.

Castiruita has also reached out to his HOA which referred him to the City of Chula Vista. The city in turn referred him to the developer of the property.

Because the streets are located on private property, the city does not have jurisdiction over them, yet. So, for now, the eyesores will continue to sit.

Castiruita said he loves his neighborhood, but just wants the cars removed.