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Point Loma neighbors fed up with dangerous intersection

News 8 went out in 2019 to hear neighbor concerns about the Point Loma Avenue and Santa Barbara Street intersection and they say the city still won't make changes.

SAN DIEGO — People who live in one San Diego beach community are frustrated with reckless drivers.

News 8 viewers contacted us again about a dangerous intersection in Point Loma.

We went there two years ago, and it doesn’t seem much has changed in this Your Stories report.

Drivers continue to blow through the four-way stop at Point Loma Avenue and Santa Barbara Street. There have been crashes and near-crashes, cars screeching - even a driver doing donuts in the intersection.

“It’s been really crazy,” said Jill Johnson, Point Loma resident.

She lives on the corner and watches from her patio as car after car runs the stop signs in all directions.

“It’s constant day [and] night and can we hear them late at night,” said Johnson.

Drivers are often hauling down Point Loma Avenue but surveillance video shows a truck heading up the hill pass a car and blow through the stop sign.

Neighbors have been talking about this for years on Nextdoor. Pedestrians have been hit and so have skateboarders.

Last month, a suspected drunk driver slammed into a garage after running the stop sign.

“It was a loud boom,” said Angie who didn’t want to disclose her last name. 

The driver hit the garage of her home where she and her family, including her 4-month-old daughter, were sleeping in the next bedroom.

“The whole incident was traumatic for us,” she said.

This is nothing new. News 8 reported on this intersection when a car crashed into a lifeguard truck in 2019.

Johnson asked for a stoplight then but the city denied her request. The city put in a 4-way Stop Ahead sign like it said it would, but drivers are still not braking.

“It literally hit home, and I was like 'how we can advocate for safer streets?'” said Angie.

Her neighbor, Jill Johnson, has sent countless e-mails to the mayor, engineers, police and council members and got surveillance cameras for proof.

“We have sent them the most egregious videos and nothing. They continue to tell us nothing can be done,” said Johnson.

The city says there are traffic calming measures such as a posted 25-mile-per-hour speed limit, a dip, and driver feedback speed sign but it’s north of Santa Barbara Street.

In an e-mail, a spokesperson for the city says a study was done and found the Santa Barbara and Point Loma intersection is too steep for a roundabout, and since Point Loma is an emergency route, speed bumps are not an option.

They also say it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for a traffic light and that it could cause more collisions.

“That is not good enough and what is it going to take for them to action?” said Angie.

San Diego Police responded and said they hear neighbors’ concerns loud and clear and have written numerous violations and will continue enforcement.

“As soon as police leave, it resumes,” said Johnson.

Neighbors said before something tragic happens, this can longer be ignored.

“A lot of things going through your head, the 'what if?' And I would really like to put that to rest. Just to ease our minds knowing that we are making this a safer place,” said Angie.

As you can see in the video above, News 8 was there in the late morning, afternoon and at dusk and drivers continued to roll through the stop sign. Council President Dr. Jennifer Campbell recommends residents use the Citizen Online Reporting System to file a complaint.

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