SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Summer is in full swing and more many kids, that means spending the day at camp, but what if parents forgot to sign up their child, is there still time to get in on the summer fun?

The YMCA in Encinitas is one of the 14 YMCA's in the County Offering a host of camps this summer.

"We have kayaking, basketball, volley ball, and a wide assortment of camps that kids can choose from," said Chad Matkowski, Camp Director.

If parents have procrastinated, no need to worry, kids may not get their first pick, but there's still room to sign-up.

"We have about 150 camps that parents can choose from," said Matkowski.

Dane Barry works with over 80 students at a skate camp, and doing it is his way of giving back.

"When I was younger, skate camp was my life. The counselors were like the big brothers to me. They showed me the way," said Barry.

The camps at the YMCA are available for children between 5-15-years-old

Some camps even offer leadership in training programs for teenagers who may want to become just like Dane.

What if camps are full?

CBS News 8's Angie Lee has the answer in the a video report above from Encinitas.