(CBS8) The family of suspected kidnapper and murderer James DiMaggio is now pushing for paternity tests, after DiMaggio left more than a hundred thousand dollars in life insurance to Hannah Anderson's grandmother, making her the beneficiary after removing his own sister from the policy in 2011.

While DiMaggio's sister is not contesting the policy, according to a family spokesman, she does want to determine her brother's true relationship to siblings Hannah and Ethan Anderson.

"There's a lot of pieces in this whole tragedy that don't add up," said DiMaggio family spokesman Andrew Spanswick. "It's tough to have closure without having some sort of understanding."

With the revelation that DiMaggio left behind a $112,000 life insurance policy to his alleged victim's family come intense questions from DiMaggio's own family.

"Jim was always there to take care of the kids, so it brings up a lot of questions as to why he had such a strong commitment to take care of them and how such a tragedy could unfold afterwards," Spanswick told News 8.

Spanswick said the money will go to kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson's grandmother, Bernice Anderson: a decision that has prompted DiMaggio's sister, Lora Robinson, to push for a paternity test to determine if DiMaggio could be the father of 16-year-old Hannah and her 8-year-old brother Ethan.

"There's been some doubts in her mind for a while about the children's real father," Spanswick said.

Both Ethan and the children's mother, 44-year-old Christina Anderson, were found dead in the burnt-out rubble of DiMaggio's Boulevard home, allegedly killed by DiMaggio.

Spanswick said DiMaggio's sister also believes there is an "eery" resemblance between herself and Hannah Anderson.

"It could just be coincidence, but she wants to have it checked out," Spanswick added.

Hannah and Ethan's father, Brett Anderson, blasted the theory, telling News 8, "That is a farce. That is a very, very long fishing pole they are using for that one."

Brett Anderson said it was his own DNA that was used to identify Ethan's remains, and that he and his wife did not even meet DiMaggio until after Christina Anderson became pregnant with Hannah.

Spanswick contends that DiMaggio's sister is simply seeking the truth.

"Laura would like some closure, not just for herself but for the Anderson family as well," Spanswick said.

DiMaggio's family said they took blood and hair samples from James DiMaggio's corpse before it was cremated, and now plan to approach the Anderson family to request DNA samples from Hannah and from Ethan's remains.