(NEWS 8) - JetBlue is looking to burnish its cred as New York’s hometown airline by delivering fresh New York City pizzas to customers in Los Angeles.

The promotion will be short-lived – running only from May 9 through May 11 – and it will be capped at 350 pies a day. But while it’s in place, JetBlue says Los Angeles-area customers can order either plain cheese ($12) or pepperoni ($15) pizzas from Patsy’s Pizzeria of East Harlem.

Those interested in testing JetBlue’s delivery service can place an order at jetblue.pizza, though they must first enter a zip code to see if they’re in an eligible delivery zone. For those who are eligible, JetBlue says customers will be able to track their pizza as it makes its way from New York to L.A.


As part of a promotion, JetBlue plans to deliver hot, fresh pizzas from New York to customers in Los Angeles. (Photo: JetBlue)

In a “frequently asked questions” section explaining the promotion, JetBlue promises “pizza will be delivered hot and ready to eat to your door.”

JetBlue acknowledges there might be some who wonder, “will the pizza still be good when it’s been in transit for so long?”

To that, JetBlue answers: “Yes, the quality and safety of the pizza is of the utmost importance. A designated pizzaiolo (a specially trained pizza chef) has overseen the logistics of the pizza’s journey to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process. The process by which the pizza is being prepped and transported for its journey ensures that it will not only be safe, but also delicious!”

Prospective buyers also should note the pizza-ordering option is first-come, first serve. Sales will go live at 12 a.m. PT during each day of the promotion and will end once 350 pies have been purchased.

As for JetBlue's eligible “delivery zones,” the airline says those have been determined “based on proximity to our final preparation facilities in L.A.”

JetBlue, which began flying in 2000, is headquartered in New York and operates its busiest base at New York's JFK airport. (MoreJetBlue adds three new cities in West, but trims at Long Beach)

The company announced just last week it would shake up its Southern California operations by adding more flights are regional airports in Ontario and Burbank while reducing flight frequencies (but not destinations) from Long Beach. JetBlue also flies from Los Angeles International (LAX), the metro area's busiest airport.