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'Keep Forever' – Sharing her story of PTSD

Alexa Kingaard is a San Diego author whose debut book, 'Keep Forever', shares an intimate look into a family dealing with one veteran's struggle with PTSD.

Alexa Kingaard is a San Diego native and an author whose recently published book, 'Keep Forever', is now available. You can meet Alexa on Wednesday, August 1st, at Del Mar Library at 6 p.m. for a book signing. 

In her debut novel, Alexa creates an intimate portrait of a family dealing with the unseen wounds of a Vietnam veteran and his lifetime struggle with PTSD.

Although the story is fictional, she has tapped the memory of her own experiences to tell a compelling, sensitive account of the emotional turmoil soldiers endure, and the collateral damage created for their wives and children. 

“I believe anyone who has known a veteran or active member of our armed services will be able to relate, regardless of the conflict. The book was inspired by my Vietnam veteran who took his own life in 2011 after an auto accident we were involved in triggered a PTSD episode." 

You can get a copy of 'Keep Forever' at local bookstores, in paperback print or for Kindle on Amazon, and on Alexa's website (see link below).

For more information and future book signings, click the link below!