SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A kitten stuck in a 40 foot palm tree since Monday is finally safe after leaping out of the tall tree. The female cat was, fortunately, able to land on the palm fronds that had just been cut off from the tree.

The 14-month-old feline, named Tessie, ran up the tree after gardeners spooked her on Monday.

The Fire Department couldn’t help get the cat out of the tree on Thursday because their truck ladder was not long enough to reach the tree from the street.

Neighbors around the area spent the morning attempting to find a tree trimmer to rescue her. According to the neighbors, some tree trimmers were charging too much money, but they were able to find a local arborist willing to do it for free.

After jumping, Tessie was safe and made a beeline inside her owner's house - straight to her food bowl.