SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - We have encouraging news about the recovery of our friend and colleague, CBS News 8 Sports Director Kyle Kraska. His condition continues to improve, and he is now able to communicate with medical staff and his family. Meanwhile, the man accused of shooting Kraska is scheduled to face a judge Tuesday.

The criminal case against Mike Montana expected to move forward Tuesday. The 54-year-old faces an attempted first degree murder charge, accused of shooting Kraska several times last week.

Authorities tracked The 6 foot 3, 190-pound suspect and his Superior Painting van to his home in El Cajon hours later.

According to court records, Montana was out on bail when he allegedly shot Kyle. Court records state he was arrested twice back in October and November for DUIs involving drugs. Court records also show he's been involved with several civil lawsuits, owes nearly $2,000 in back taxes and was served with papers last year, accused of owing more than $5,000 in delinquent rent.

Kraska met Montana while he was doing paint work for some of his neighbors. He hired him to paint the outside of his house. Neighbor Teresa Mack remembers seeing Montana out here working last fall.

"Very regularly, I would say almost every day for weeks," Mack said.

But Kraska wasn't happy with Montana's work, so he paid him for what had been done so far and the two agreed to part ways.

"He didn't owe the guy any money. They had completed their transaction and the guy came back and started demanding more money from Kyle," CBS News 8 Sports Producer Todd Villalobos said.

Meanwhile, Kraska's condition is getting a little better each day. His East Coast family is by his side at the hospital, grateful for all the support and well-wishes they've received from the community.