SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Friday, a local church remembered the victims of Wednesday's church shooting in Charleston in a special way.

Parishioners at Prince Chapel by the Sea A-M-E Church held an emotional prayer vigil.

"We pray for those who are suffering and are angry and don't know what to do," said Chuck Norris.

More than 2,000 miles from the site of Wednesday night's horrific church massacre, San Diegans, struck by the senselessness of Dylann Roof's rampage in Charleston, South Carolina, came together in solidarity and disbelief.

"We are united in our grief. We are united in our disgust," said Rev. Steves.

"It saddens me that this continues to happen, not 50-years ago, but present day," said Norris.

During the special prayer vigil held at the La Jolla church, San Diegans were struck by the message of forgiveness of the alleged 21-year-old killer, that some of the victims' loved ones voiced in court on Friday.

"It's shock. It's embarrassment. It's devout sadness. I thought we were past this as a nation, and it just makes me so sad we go through this again and again and again," said Kristin Bean.

The prayer vigil was a gathering that demonstrated the power of fellowship and faith during a turbulent time.

"I don't think this is the time to close anything. This is the time for the doors of the church to open, along with our minds and hearts," said Norris.

Roof could be tried on the federal level if it's determined the shooting was committed as a hate crime.