SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A Lake San Marcos man has made saving animals his life's work. Jesse Hogan has rescued them all, from skunks to ducks to raccoons.

CBS News 8's Jeff Zevely visited Jesse and he shared the reason why he has so much empathy for his animal friends.

Jesse Hogan, 65, is known as the mayor of Lake San Marcos, but animal rescuer is an office he never ran for, and he is a superhero of sorts.

Last week, Jesse lead a difficult dam rescue after a swan fell 84-feet.

From seagulls wrapped in fishing line, to swans hooked in fishing lures, Jesse is the great equalizer between nature and man.

Laura Sharp said, when animals need help, just call Jesse. Laura and other neighbors have given Jesse so many abandoned eggs, he now takes his work home with him.

He has a newly installed incubator and now, he is responsible for the birth of eleven ducklings.

From bottle feeding baby squirrels to wrestling raccoons, Jesse cares for injured animals because he has suffered himself.

Jesse is a disabled Army veteran still paying the price for the Vietnam War.

If Jesse can't release the animals back into the wild, he finds a loving home for them. He performs all of his services free of charge.