SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A local school campus has been brightened up even more with captivating artwork thanks to the Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation.

A beautiful new mural at Riley Special Day School, by local artist Tom Plonka, was made possible with help from the Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation. The school's principal says it brings more than beauty, it keeps Larry's spirit alive.

"That spirit is going to be alive here every single day," said Principal Pamela Busch. "It is the gift of giving that allows us to make a difference in the lives of others."

Riley Special Day School is home to kids with social, emotional and behavioral needs.

Larry Himmel's son, Miles and the rest of the foundation board saw something special in this school and wanted the walls to reflect that.

The Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation reached out to Jackson Design and Remodeling and muralist Tom Plonka. Plonka put in about 200 hours to make the underwater picture come to life on the building.

The 250-foot colorful images are there to bring smiles to each student. It also solidifies a new relationship between the school and the foundation as it adopts Riley Special Day School - presenting it with a "Good Neighbor Award."

Moments like this are special to Miles Himmel.

"Everytime it brings me such joy, because he would be here doing these stories and every time I feel like he is here," said Miles.

Larry's stories brought joy to the community and all around San Diego. So much so that people often share with News 8 how Larry's stories made them smile.

Miles says it's his goal for this foundation to spread joy and let people know about the foundation's purpose, even for those who had never saw his dad on TV.