ENCINITAS (CNS) - After more than three months, "Beagle-mania" at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society ended Thursday as the last three beagle puppies born to pregnant mothers went home with adoptive families.

In February, an unidentified woman turned over 35 beagles to an East County dog rescue group that delivered them to the Humane Society. Some were pregnant and -- while many of the other canines quickly went home with adoptive families -- they had to stay, give birth and wean their offspring.

The influx of the beagles and resulting media attention led Rancho Coastal officials to coin the term "Beagle-mania." The last of the puppies that were born are the ones that went home today, according to Rancho Coastal President Jim Silveira.

"The last three `Beagle-mania' puppies were born eight weeks ago in the home of a foster care provider," Silveira said. "Now they're old enough to be altered and go to their new families."

He said more than 500 adoption applications were received for the beagles, some from Europe.

The dogs went home to families in San Diego, Arcadia and Long Beach, according to the Humane Society.

The RCHS is accepting donations to help cover the cost of the beagles' care and medical treatment. Information is available at www.sdpets.org.