(NEWS 8) - Cody Byrns has an incredible story, and he is using what happened to him to inspire others.

Sitting at a red light Cody’s car was rear ended by a truck going full speed. Upon impact, his vehicle exploded.

First responders thought no one could have possibly survived such an accident, but Cody proved them wrong. He was alive.

Cody was placed on a stretcher and flown to a burn unit where he was in a full coma reliant on life support for a full three weeks. He had a broken vertebrae, torn ligaments, and third and fourth degree burns throughout his body.

Doctors had told Cody’s family that they would have to amputate three of his fingers. As a career juggler, Cody’s family told doctors to do all possible to save his fingers. And they did. Cody amazingly not only taught himself to walk again, he taught himself to juggle again.

An accident that almost killed Cody – is now his driving force.

Today, Cody is an award-winning speaker, performer, and author. He helps provide encouragement to a world that encounters tragedy on a regular basis, inspiring those who need it most.