A man accused of molesting infants and toddlers at a daycare here in San Diego is in custody after being on the run for more than a month. Investigators say Mark Kaczmarczyk fled the U.S. in January and traveled halfway around the world to try to start a new life in Taiwan.

The long arm of the law caught up to 58-year-old Mark Kaczmarczyk Sunday night. He was arrested in Taipei after the U.S. alerted Taiwanese authorities he had entered their country and was a possible risk to children.

Thinking Kaczmarcyk would be looking for work to teach English, Taiwanese police set up traps through English teaching advertisements. According to the Taipei Times, investigators learned he often visited a balloon shop in Taipei, telling clerks he wanted to open an English language kindergarten in the city..

Kaczmarcyk will now be brought back here to San Diego, where investigators say he faces six charges of molesting babies to toddlers at a San Diego day care center he operated with his wife.

"Being a father and also nieces and nephew, it's disturbing people there could think about doing disgusting things like that," concerned parent Enrique Gonzalez said.

News 8 visited Kaczmarcyk's last known address, La Mirage apartment complex near Interstate 15 and Friars Road. There was no answer at the door, and we later confirmed through a source that Kaczmarcyk and his wife moved out last year. The source tells us Kaczmarcyk's wife was running a daycare out of the apartment unit.

Neighbors we showed Kaczmarcyk's photo to don't recall ever seeing him. Parents in the complex are just happy to hear Kaczmarcyk has been found, to face the charges against him.

"And just to know to watch your kids at all times, you never know what's safe anymore around here," concerned parent Joe Korn said.

Investigators say Kaczmarcyk fled a $2 million bail here in San Diego while undergoing therapy for sex offenders. It appears Kaczmarcyk has kids of his own. News 8 spoke to a foster care agency that filed a restraining order against him. It was the agency's job to supervise visits that Kaczmarcyk had with his children, and they say Kaczmarcyk made death threats against their workers.