SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A local group of protestors were out in San Ysidro on Saturday calling for an end to what they call "militarization" at the border. 

The message that no one is illegal rang loud through San Ysidro directly in front of the Border Patrol Station.

The passionate plea from the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition was met with opposition. 

Chanting, “America, love it or leave it” the smaller group of counter protestors yelled during the speeches by migrant supporters. 

Police kept the two sides apart and kept all interactions peaceful, but their differences were heard loud and clear. 

Amy Sutton from San Diego Patriots and San Diegans for Secure Borders told News 8 they were protesting all of the people who support human trafficking into San Diego.

During the rally for migrants, leaders yelled out names of those who died trying to cross into the United States and seek asylum. 

Even as the group marched, they were followed by supporters of President Trump and supporters of the wall, showing that the issue of immigration is as polarizing on the streets as it is in the government.