SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local lawyer has come out swinging after the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight. 

He is suing boxer Manny Pacquiao because the fighter chose to keep silent when he should have spoken up before the fight about a shoulder injury. 

Abbas Kazerounian represents one of the unhappiest boxing fans in America after last weekend's controversial boxing match.

According to him, Pacquiao and the fight promoters chose to not disclose the boxer's should injury until he lost the fight against Mayweather.

"People are not happy about this. I do feel that people were ripped off and defrauded," he said.

What was suppose to be the fight of the century, was instead considered by many to be a disappointment, and according to  Kazerounian, Pacquiao's injury could have played a role.

He said the fight would have been canceled had the injury been reported, and viewers would not have had to pay $100 to view the fight.

If his class action lawsuit wins in court, every person in California who paid for the fight could essentially get their money back.

Kazerounian said everyone who paid the viewing fee for the Pay-Per-View paid for it assuming both fighters were healthy.

Kazerounian said he became involved with the case after a San Diego woman reached out to his local firm over the weekend to demand legal action.

From there a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday night alleging Pacquiao and fight promoters intentionally misrepresented the match.

If the case goes to court, attorneys would seek up to $60 million of the $300 million dollars in Pay-Per-View revenue.

Attorneys for the fight promoters said the legal action is frivolous and are confident it will be thrown out.

Kazerounian said he expects the suit to go before a judge within the next two months, and he said he plans to put up a better fight than the one he saw in the ring.

Similar lawsuits have popped up in Texas, Illinois, and Nevada.