SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Egypt struck ISIS targets in Libya just hours after the release of another video from the militant group, which showed the beheading of 21 Christians from Egypt. Now, a local leader in the Chaldean community is weighing in on the beheadings.

Mark Arabo has warned Washington D.C. representatives about this violence and adds that the United States needs to do more before the situation gets worse.

Arabo has been an advocate for people impacted by ISIS for the past eight months and says what we're seeing at the hands of the terrorist organization is Christian genocide.

He has traveled to Washington D.C. and has played a pivotal role in trying to pave the way for people to come to the United States as refugees and escape ISIS.

But Arabo says at this point, it's not enough.

"Right now, we have 33,000 visas available. So all of our hard work last year has been successful, but there is more we need to do, because there are 200,000 that are displaced and 33,000 is just a small percentage," Arabo explained.

Arabo credits the United States for the airstrikes carried out so far, as well as providing aid.

However, he plans to reach out to the Coptic Christian community and travel with them to Washington in hopes of receiving more assistance.