SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The Pope's address was closely watched Thursday by students and faculty at the University of San Diego.

"I thought the talk today was absolutely brilliant," said Michael Lovette-Colyer, USD Assistant Vice President. 

Michael watched the Pope's speech with students at the school's University Center. He wasn’t really sure what sort of turnout to expect, but the room was packed full with a young audience eager to hear the Pope's message.

"One of the reason's he has been received so well, that people are so ecstatic, that people say he's more like a rock star than an international diplomat, is because people think he is so warm, tender and real. People are reflecting back," says Michael.

The Pope's message included a number of topics that shouldn’t have come as a surprise, though many people found them inspiring.

"My great hope for this event, the pope's visit and at USD, it that our students appreciate the beauty and richness, the relevance of faith in their lives today."