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Local vigil held for Charlottesville protest victims

A vigil was held Saturday evening for the victims of violence at the Charlottesville rallies.

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A vigil was held Saturday evening for the victims of violence at the Charlottesville rallies.  

It was put together by Industrial Workers of the World, also known as IWW. 

Organizers said the demonstrator who died Saturday was a member of that group. 

"We need to be showing our unity by supporting people of color-led organizations, that's how they'll know we're serious," said one speaker at the vigil.  

It was a passionate plea shared by many at the vigil held in El Cajon Saturday night. 

"We need to keep putting our necks on the line, keep putting our money where our mouth is and keep building," said another man. 

The peaceful gathering drew dozens of people both angry and sad at the violence that erupted in Charlottesville. 

"It drives me up the wall because I don't understand how people can have that much hate in their heart and how people can just want to do so much damage," said attendee Jacey Nguyen.  

Nguyen says she knows first-hand what it's like to be victimized because of race, as well as her sexual orientation. 

She's bi-racial and gay, which is why she said she felt the need to demonstrate with others. 

"People are dying in order to have a fair shot and be in solidarity with other marginalized people," said Nguyen.  

Saturday's vigil was put together by IWW - an international labor union.  

They say the 32-year-old woman killed when a car purposely slammed into a group of counter-protesters was one of their own.  

"An IWW member died today - that is not a joke, that is serious and what we need to do is build a strong, better, left," said one speaker at the vigil.  

Something this group intends to do by continuing to demonstrate and speak out.