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San Diego Humane Society says 140 rats given up by owner now ready for adoption

The San Diego Humane Society is searching for homes for 140 rats recently relinquished by their owner.
Credit: San Diego Humane Society


If you’re looking for a new companion or two, you’re in luck. It turns out that more than 100 rats are looking for a new roommate. 

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The San Diego Humane Society is searching for homes for 140 rats recently given up by their owner.  The SD Humane Society said in a press release on Thursday that the rats passed veterinary exams and are officially ready for fur-ever homes. 

This all started back on on Oct. 8, when a San Diego woman named Carla asked the SD Humane Society for help. The woman had been living with more than 300 pet rats in her broken-down van. 

She told officers that her pet rat population had gotten out of control and that she couldn’t keep track of them all. Perhaps the rats reproduced so quickly because they’re "social creatures." For that reason, the Human Society says it requires rats to be adopted in same-gender pairs, unless you already have a “resident rat.” 

Credit: San Diego Humane Society

“Although rats are not as common as other small rodents, they make great pets,” said the San Diego Humane Society in a press release. “They are very social, smart and love to interact with humans. Rats eat pellets, veggies and fruit. Domestic rats stay clean by grooming themselves like a cat several times per day. They are very popular as classroom pets, because they like to interact with people.”

The adoption fee for a pair of rats is $5. Rats are available for adoption at the SD Human Society campuses in Escondido, Oceanside and San Diego.

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