SAN DIEGO — San Diego East County law enforcement is investigating three different cases – all taking place this week alone- where someone has tried to lure a child into a car.

Two of the cases involve students from Flying Hills Elementary.

“It really keeps me in high alert,” said Giann Ramirez a Lakeside resident.

The first case happened Monday afternoon when, according to school officials, a student was walking with a sibling and grandparent when the they were approached by a middle-aged man who asked the student to go with him. Instead, the family got back in their car and drove away.

Principal Mike Kauhfal said the second case happened Tuesday when a student was walking alone and was confronted by a man in his 20s, driving a red car. According to Principal Kauhfal, the driver of the car then allegedly waved at the student and tried to get them to get inside the car, but the student took off.

“They [the student] went to a neighbor’s house and police were called,” he said.

The third incident was reported Wednesday morning near Lakeside Middle School. According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, a student was walking near Woodside Avenue when he was approached by a man driving a blue car and told to get in the car.

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“I’m really concerned about the safety and security of the kids on this campus,” said Ramirez

The student did ignore the driver and kept walking to school where he reported the incident to school staff.

“We have our eyes out making sure our students are safe. They did what we have taught them over the years,” said Principal Kauhfal.

Law enforcement do not believe any of these cases are connected.