This week a group of kids either fighting cancer or recovering from it are in Balboa Park attending a special camp. Organizers say the Seany Foundation's Reach for the Sky program gives them a chance to be “normal” kids.  

At the Reach for the Sky Camp, you’ll find campers doing a variety of activities: playing with bubbles, singing, doing yoga, learning and laughing a lot. They are there not to focus on their illness but rather to keep their minds off of it.

Six-year-old Analiyah has been attending camp for two years and said she likes arts and crafts. Camp is a far cry from the time she used to spend in the hospital. 

"It was for an injury because my heart wasn't doing pretty good,” she said.  

Analiyah is one of nearly 80 campers attending camp this week - all are between the age of four and ten. Some are being treated for cancer, others are in remission and their siblings get to attend as well. 

"Cancer it's not just about the individual patient, the entire household, the entire family will feel the impact of that. Your life can be turned upside down,” said Tiana who is not just speaking from her experience as a counselor. She is a cancer survivor herself.  

"I was diagnosed with lymphoma and I was very angry and upset about it. I didn't understand what I was going through,” she said.  

That was 24 years ago. 

So, how did the camp come about? In 2003, a little boy by the name of Sean Robins was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma. Following his death in 2006, his family started a foundation in his name to help other children and their families find happiness. 

Every year, the Seany Foundation teams up with Rady Children's hospital to make the camp a reality. 

The best part, according to Tiana is: “the laughter and the affection of all of the campers.”  

The day News 8 visited the camp, the kids took part in a cooking class taught by Herb and Wood's Carlos Anthony. They also geared up for a talent show and worked on projects during arts and crafts. At no point was there talk of cancer. 

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