CARLSBAD (CBS 8) - A Carlsbad woman was just named National Dog Trainer of the Year.

CBS News 8’s Dominic Garcia put her skills and knowledge to the test by helping him teach his adorable pup some new tricks.

Laura Christinsen knows how to deal with dogs, but it wasn’t always like that when she started three decades ago.

“I was like the most horrible trainer that there was. My dog did not listen to my instructions. My dog lifted his leg and urinated on me in front of my peers,” she said.

But just like teaching a dog a new trick, Laura kept at it. Eventually, she earned more clients and opened her own business in Carlsbad.

“I’m there for the joy of it and the pleasure of it. Not necessarily to be big and successful and well known,” she said.

Laura was nominated for the National Trainer of the Year award at the 61st Annual Show Dogs of the Year. It’s an event held in conjunction with the Westminster Dog Show.

“This is really cool. I am going to put it up and be proud, but I am going to be humble,” she said.

Some tips for owners, Laura said do not get frustrated and never yell.

Always relax because dogs can sense how their owners are feeling.

She advised dog owners to get a trainer if they do not know that they are doing.

Watch the above video to see Laura give a training lesson to Dominic’s pup.