SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Animal advocates are keeping the pressure on to find out who is killing San Diego's wild parrots. 

Five birds have been shot since February, and now the reward has been increased to the find the parrot killer or killers on the loose. 

Parrot advocates say between February 19th and March 3rd, five parrots were killed in Point Loma and Ocean Beach by what is believed to be a pellet gun. 

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There are two other cases in which parrots are suspected to have been harmed by humans, but that has yet to be proven.

SoCal Parrot, a rehabilitation for wild parrots, showed x-rays of the murdered birds at an Ocean Beach Council meeting Wednesday night. 

SoCal Parrot believes the different pellets are from two shooters and could be an indicator for more violent crimes. 

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"We were all kids. We all did something and we did it one time and we felt bad and we didn't do it again. That is not what happened here," said Brooke Durham, SoCal Parrot founder. 

During a workshop, SoCal Parrot educated the public about the wild parrots' endangerment in San Diego. 

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Whether the birds were shot down by kids playing around or someone got tired of their squawk, Dan Dennison believes the shooters need to be held accountable and charged with animal cruelty.

A reward to find the shooter, or shooters, has been increased to $7,000.

Anyone with information should contact San Diego CrimeStoppers or the Department of Animal Services at 619-767-2740