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California Assembly Republicans introduce package of bills to tackle crime

One of the bills would increase the penalty for retail theft repeat offenders.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Assembly Republicans introduced a package of bills Monday aimed at addressing crime. Their slogan? 'Make crime in California illegal again.'

“Crime is out of control in California,” said Republican Assembly Leader James Gallagher.

Gallagher says Californians deserve to feel safe in their communities.

"As a former deputy district attorney and federal prosecutor, I am focused on holding the soft on crime policies enacted within the last decade responsible for the erosion of our public safety," said Assemblymember Bill Essayli. "These policies, regardless of of their purported good intentions, have had devastating consequences.”

Included in the list of new bills is one to repeal Proposition 47, which increased the amount someone can steal from $450 to $950 and still be considered a misdemeanor.

“Proposition 47 is a failed experiment which is only catered to criminals here in California,” said Assemblymember Juan Alanis.

There's also one that would reform Proposition 47.

“[It] would allow increased penalties on serial theft offenders, people that commit the same crime over and over again, and yet are continuing to be met with a misdemeanor,” said Assemblymember Josh Hoover.

Another would enhance the punishment for those who possess or use a firearm while committing a violent felony.

“It's 10 years if you just have the gun, it's 20 years if you use the gun, and it's 25 to life if you hurt someone with the gun," said Assemblymember Bill Essayli. "Pretty simple.”

One bill would reform Proposition 57 and require more transparency when calculating a prisoner's early release.

“I'm introducing legislation to make sure that district attornies know in advance, just like in parole, that an inmate is going to be released and it's no longer a secret," said Assemblymember Joe Patterson. "People are being released so early with no transparency as to how the state even came up with those calculations in the first place.”

Gallagher knows it’s an uphill battle, as some of these bills have already been introduced in the past and failed, but he remains optimistic.

“I think there's a lot of newer members who are coming out of local government who are seeing the same problems in their communities," said Gallagher. "They want to see something done about it."

Democratic Speaker Anthony Rendon's office said he would not comment on pending legislation.

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