A large statue of a baker was returned to Edelweiss Bakery in Rancho Bernardo over the weekend after it was stolen last week, owner Matthew Lawrie told News 8 Monday.  

The nearly 100-pound, seven-foot-tall Baker Man statue was of little monetary value according to the owners, but they were shocked someone would take it. They offered up a $1,000 reward saying if Baker Man was returned, they would donate the money to a children’s hospital. 

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Lawrie says the statue was returned Sunday and he received a call from neighboring business Mario’s Pizza to tell him it had been left in front of the store in mostly good condition.  

Lawrie shared a picture of how the Baker Man was returned - covered in bubble wrap. He also shared the receipt of the promised $1,000 donation made to Rady Children's Hospital.

He also said he has contacted police to let them know Baker Man is back in his regular spot and the bakery owners do not wish to pursue the case further.  

Baker Man returned
Baker Man was returned Sunday covered in bubble wrap.
Matt Lawrie
donation receipt
Edelweiss Bakery owner Matthew Lawrie shared this receipt with News 8 showing his $1,000 donation to Rady Children's Hospital following the return of the Baker Man statue.
Matt Lawrie