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Don't travel to Tahoe for New Year's unless 'you are very experienced with winter travel'

Have plans to travel to South Lake Tahoe for New Year's? You might want to reconsider or go there well-prepared.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — As one of the most popular New Year's travel destinations is inundated with snow, the South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce is recommending travelers stay home and do not travel to Tahoe unless they are well-prepared.

According to Duane Wallace, executive director of the South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, as much as the Chamber of Commerce would like people to come to Tahoe, they would not recommend it.

"Unless you are very experienced with winter travel, I would not recommend coming to Tahoe for New Year's," Wallace told ABC10.

South Lake Tahoe saw nearly 65 fender-benders the other day in the Heavenly area as road conditions were especially slick with snow and ice.

Caltrans recently advised people not to travel to the Sierra unless it is essential. If people take the chance and travel to Tahoe for New Year's, they should be prepared to get stuck in Tahoe or on the road driving home.

"Be prepared and have a 4-wheel drive car, chains, food, water and blankets with you," Wallace said.

Those in Tahoe for the holiday weekend can expect businesses to not have quite as many employees as needed.

"The busy hours are going to be more busy than usual, so if you go out to eat, eat in the off hours," Wallace said.

When making the decision of when to travel home, Wallace recommended looking at the weather forecast to ensure you are leaving before the upcoming storm hits the Sierra.

"The roads are going to be busy, so leave at different hours or even a day early; not the usual 10 or 11 a.m. when you check out of your hotel," Wallace said.

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