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Catholics vs Convicts | Racially charged t-shirts overshadow high school football game

The Cathedral Catholic victory over Lincoln has been greatly overshadowed by the fall-out from a shirt worn by a Cathedral student.

SAN DIEGO — One word sums up the thoughts of a head coach at Lincoln High School. "Disappointment."

Lonnie Jones is talking about a picture of a t-shirt for sale on Amazon, declaring 'Catholics vs. Convicts.'

A student supposedly wore the shirt to Friday night's football game at Cathedral, between the Cathedral Catholic Dons and the Lincoln Hornets. It was a blow-out for the Dons, winning 41-to-0. But the Cathedral victory has been greatly overshadowed by the fall-out from the social media posting of that picture and the racial implications.

"Those comments about Catholics versus Convicts, we're on damage control with our entire student body," said Lonnie Jones, Lincoln High girls basketball coach.

He said the posting was misguided, a reflection of character.

"This lack of leadership and lack of guidance, again, kids will be kids, so am I mad at the kids? No, not at all. I'm disappointed in the leadership they have,” Jones said.

The Catholic Diocese and Cathedral Catholic High School have sent notes of apology.

"I think the whole thing was stupid,” Kevin Eckery, a spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese said.

He said bad behavior has to be called out.

"These were racist photographs that were sent out and it was absolutely wrong-headed and we're going to make sure, one, it doesn't happen again and two, that everybody involved understands the impact of those words and actions,” Eckery said.

Both Jones and Eckery spoke of sportsmanship.

"You don't go and taunt people after you win, 41—0. You say thank you and you pocket the win and move on. That was bad sportsmanship, not to mention all of the other racial implications in what they did. You have to learn," Eckerly said.

The message at Lincoln: "We gotta keep teaching them to keep their heads up, keep fighting and take pride-in-the-hive like we do every day," Jones said.

No decisions regarding punishment at Cathedral Catholic have been made yet.

 "There will be consequences to this kind of bad judgment and bad behavior, period," Eckerly said.

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