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Chula Vista community participates in fire safety training

The Chula Vista community had burning questions answered about fire safety Saturday.

SAN DIEGO — The Chula Vista community had burning questions answered about fire safety Saturday. It's all a part of the Wildland Urban Interface Training offered by the Chula Vista Fire Safety Council and Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

Community members gathered at the Chula Vista Fire Department to learn the best ways to not only protect themselves, but also protect their home before a fire. 

"I don’t want to lose anyone. We saw some videos where people died and if we don’t prepare ahead, we will be sorry," said Chula Vista resident, Crystal Fairley. She, along with 20 more people, learned how to create defensible spaces which is crucial to protecting homes and families from a wildfire. 

Fire officials said homes should not have anything ignitable within the first 5-feet. 

"This challenges us and oh goodness, I got to go to home and do this and just make sure were safe," said Fairley. 

Fire officials also say to plan ahead for large animal evacuations to ensure their safety and harden your home to protect from flying embers. 

"We believe an informed community is an engaged community and an engaged community is who is going to survive a wildfire," said Chula Vista Fire Captain and PIO Josh Sanders. 

Participants also took a field trip to nearby homes in the community to receive hands-on experience and see examples of fire resistant homes. 

"If you wait until it happens, you will operate with only information that you know and with this new information, you will be ready when a disaster comes. So we need to be ready," said Fairley. 

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