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A closer look at how San Diegans voted in recall election

Registrar of voters predicted 70% voter turnout. Now says actual count could be closer to 55-60%.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — The majority of San Diegans who voted in the California recall election voted in favor of keeping Governor Gavin Newsom in office. 

However, the margin between the "No" and "Yes" votes was slightly lower Wednesday afternoon when compared to the overall state.

Political analysts say that's no surprise.

"San Diego is not quite as deep blue as a state overall," said UC San Diego Political Professor Thad Kousser. "Remember, we were a competitive battleground county just a few elections ago. Plus, a lot of the roots of the recall are here in San Diego."

Professor Kousser also pointed out two of the Republican candidates, Kevin Faulconer and John Cox both have strong ties to San Diego.

However Faulconer, despite being San Diego's former mayor, still came in well below Republican candidate Larry Elder. 

"He had a perfect storm," said CBS 8 political analyst Laura Fink. "And unfortunately, with a name candidate like Larry Elder who performed better than even the polls suggested, securing what looks like right now 47% of the vote, nearly a majority, in spite of the 46 candidates he was running against."

"To me, if I'm Kevin Faulconer that says there's no room for a moderate Republican to advance in California," she said.