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Community unites to help woman find her lost engagement ring

Thanks to locals connecting on Facebook, Lee Miller was able to get her engagement ring back in just two days.

SAN DIEGO — It’s a prized possession many women would hate to lose. This story comes full circle for a woman in Pacific Beach who lost something dear to her heart.

“I was extremely upset! This is one of my favorite rings. I had actually picked it out myself. I just loved it," said Lee Miller. 

Miller was heading to one of her favorite restaurants in Pacific Beach when something unexpected happened.

“I had my wedding rings and my engagement ring in my pocket because I was doing some cleaning at home," said Miller. "I came to Enoteca Adriano to get a gift certificate and I dropped my engagement ring and then I came back and could not find it myself and then I freaked out.”

She retraced her steps, talked to local businesses and after no luck, she made a Facebook post in a private community group. 

“I was afraid maybe somebody would steal it.” said Miller. 

But then, a glimmer of hope. 

A local couple who wishes to remain anonymous tells News 8 they were on their way to dinner when they saw something sparkling on the ground in an area near Carousel Cleaners. They picked it up, did a quick search on Facebook and also posted fliers for the found ring.

Thanks to local community members coming together, Miller and the couple connected.

Lee was able to get her engagement ring back in just two days. 

“It was the most amazing and wonderful thing ever. I gave them a thank you card. I just said 'thank you so very much!' It was wonderful. I had not even filed an insurance claim," said Miller. 

Through all this, Miller says she learned a valuable lesson.

“I am probably never going to put a ring in my pocket ever again, even if it has a very secure zipper because you never know!” laughs Miller.

The anonymous couple who found the ring tell News 8, Miller not only gave them a heartfelt thank you card, she also surprised them with some reward money as well. Miller says she and the couple actually have remained in touch and and are now good friends.

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