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Can you save money by buying coupons on eBay?

"I bought the $2 coupon on eBay, I added to shopping cart and saved about $100."

SAN DIEGO — Last time you checked the mail you probably received a bunch of great coupons and you probably ended up recycling a lot of them. But, did you know that you can sell coupons on eBay to make yourself some money and help someone else save money?  

Looking at coupons for sale on eBay we found one for 10% off a purchase at Lowes: it cost $1.97 and said it would arrive via email in less than three minutes. Depending on how much you are planning on spending, that coupon could be a good deal according to Casey Nakamura who put one to use. 

“So I was was buying some stuff for a bathroom remodel [with] about $950 worth of stuff in my shopping cart,” said Casey. “So, I bought the $2 coupon on eBay, I added it to shopping cart and saved about $100." 

A Home Depot coupon on eBay was selling for about $25 and covered 15% off in-store purchases up to $200. Overstock coupons also popped up including one for 15% off entire purchase. With a couch costing around $500 and a table another $500, the 15% off coupon could save someone $150.  

The worst-case scenario for the seller is no one buys your coupon and you just end up recycling it; all you've lost is the time it took to set up the ad. But if it sells, it's a win-win. 

"Had I known about this in the past, I would've saved a lot more money,” said Casey.