Gas prices impact all of us and it would be nice to be guaranteed that the price at the pump remains the same no matter what the price of oil is and a Houston company says they can make it happen.

It's called It's a brand new company that allows you to protect yourself against paying higher prices at the pump. GP Manalac is the CEO:

"It works like insurance. You pay the premium and you get peace of mind."

The premium is $4 a month. It gets your gas capped at a price of $2.75 per gallon. If the national average rises above that, the company will refund the difference and that's money back in your pocket.

Manalac says the product isn't for everyone, but just hours into the website's launch hundreds have already signed up and the service is expanding across the country

California drivers can sign up online and the company says you're covered no matter where you fill up.