As a parent, keeping an eye on your home and your children is a top priority. Now, there's a new home video monitoring system selling for less than $300.

"These new cameras are about the size of a Tic Tac container and can be installed within seconds just about anywhere," said Heather Hillerman.

When Heather is away on business trips, she's just a click away from watching her kitchen cam that shows her children in California enjoying a bowl of cereal.

"This system enables me to kind of just log in and see what they are doing even to see things as simple as them eating breakfast in the morning," said heather.

Heather works for Avaak, which is a San Diego start up company that's launching the new "Vue Personal Video Network." After sticking a mount just about anywhere, wireless cameras rotate to any angle with the help of magnets.

Each customer gets their own online account with a user name and password and then either sit back and watch the action or by pressing record, they can email family footage of say birthday parties off to loved ones.

Avaak's President and CEO, Gioia Messinger, says the technology was originally created for the navy.

"Lots of products that end up in consumer hands were originated in the department of defense," Gioia explained.

A lithium battery provides enough power to stream 10 minutes of video a day for a whole year, which means more and more home video systems are being installed across the country.

Florida resident Jeanne Thomas was at work last month when she checked her surveillance system from her computer.

"I see a man in my home in my room. It scared me the you know what," she said.

Thomas was shocked to see two burglars, rummaging through her belongings. She called 911 and watched the burglars scramble as police rushed to her home.

Rather than for security, Heather Hillerman uses her system to be a multi-tasking mommy.

"So here is my youngest blowing kisses to me while he's on the phone with me," she explained.

Whether it's kisses from the kitchen or Tai Kwan Do from the garage, heather can pop in and out of her home from thousands of miles away.

Avaak will be launching this new system this summer consumers get two cameras and four mounts for $299.

Designers of the Vue camera hope future models will offer audio and a motion detector.